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[TRANS] 140719 U-KISS Hoon’s Best 3 Recent Fashion Items



1. Silver necklace

My recent favorite is a silver necklace of a feather. It’s a bit embarrassing but my dream was to be able to fly in the sky since I was a child. So that might be why I like feather and wing-shaped items. You kinda get the feeling of being able to fly in the sky. Not only necklaces but I also like a feather-shaped ring. As I change my accessories according to my mood, I keep the necklace chain the same and change the pendant.


2. Silver ring

I bought this in Korea. When I was walking in the streets, it caught my eye. I fell in love with it and bought it immediately. I generally like silver accessories. I usually put on simple-designed ones which is easy to coordinate with any clothes but I especially like the oxidized silver color of this ring. I often buy accessories that I find by chance. It’s like a chance meeting, I feel it is important to keep inspirations.


3. Black-framed glasses

I bought these in Tokyo. I originally bought these as a fashion item but recently when I feel my face is a little swollen, I often put these on (laugh). Including this one, I still only have three glasses but I came to like them because of these black-framed ones and I’m hoping to continue collecting them little by little.

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Translation by Kana @UKISSmoments